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Welcome, I'm DJL

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I am a Vinyl/Digital Vinyl DJ and have been DJing on radio since 2008. I have tried CDs but personally I don't get on with them - I prefer the real feel of Vinyl

I play many different styles of music from Minimal Tech to Soulful & Jackin, Trance to Hard House and Tech to Electro. I have also recently started playing Drum and Bass and you can find some Liquid DnB mixes on the mixes page.

Currently I play on the rapidly expanding internet radio station; housefreaks. I have a regular show: DJL's Deep Decks on Wednesdays 8PM-10PM*

You can find some of my mixes and past shows here

There are a lot of mis-conceptions about Digital (mp3) DJs - some of them are not always true

  • Digtal DJs use auto sync - While this may be true for DJs using mixmeister or VirtualDJ it is not true for (all) xwax/serato/traktor DJs. In fact xwax does not have this capability
  • Digital is cheating - Also not true, In order to control the digital mp3 you still have to know how to manipulate the record (or cd) - in fact it is exactly the same skills required
  • MP3s are illegal - Majorly untrue. While its certainly possible to download mp3s illegally many DJs choose not to do this. There are many reasons to prefer legal downloads: 1. It's legal! (duh!) 2. Quality is usually far superior 3. Downloads are often faster from legal sites.

I also develop a lot of software. I have a separate site dedicated to this development side of myself here

If you want to SPAM me - then please send it here: and I will gladly add you to my block list :)